The Magic Flute - opera beloved

It is fitting that our very first opera at the National Theatre in 2009, Mozart's The Magic Flute - should be our very last before we reach our ten year anniversary in 2019! The past nine years have been filled with incredible people, extraordinary voices, and, a quality that is at the very heart of any opera endeavour, generosity of spirit. One of those special people whose heart is of operatic proportions is our treasured 'GO-to' photographer, Lyz Turner-Clark. We set off with a car full of costumes and a box of makeup, and she came back with these fabulous shots of some of our singers at Rochford - our new venue partners in the Yarra Valley. If the fun these singers are having is anything to go by, this is one production you wont want to miss! The setting is beautiful - we will transform an already spectacular deck on the lake - with award-winning wine, glorious voices, captivating theatre, and Mozart - what is not to love? (tickets now on sale via website)

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